Fiduciary Defined

You’ve been appointed as a loved one’s agent and are being told you have a Fiduciary duty to act on their behalf. What does that even mean?! What is an Agent’s (appointed under a Power of Attorney) responsibilities? You have authority to make decisions but what decisions and how? The General Durable Power of Attorney […]

Trust Based Planning

Estate Planning documents (General Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Medical Release, Digital Release, Last Will and Testament) are basic legal documents every adult should maintain. Some families need to go beyond the “basic” estate planning documents. The depth of an Estate Plan varies for each client. Trust planning helps a lot […]

Digital Release

Have you ever used your spouse’s (or other loved one) username and password to log in to Facebook? On-line Banking? On-line Bill Pay? If so, what you’re doing is improper and sometimes illegal. These platforms, as well as Facebook, Apps on your smart phone, your Website, photographs, E-mail and much more are all types of […]

Advanced Directive for a Natural Death

There are three healthcare documents that a person of any age should have. Those three are a Health Care Power of Attorney, an Advanced Directive for a Natural Death, and a Medical Release. Advanced Directive for a Natural Death (ADND) is commonly referred to as a Living Will. It is a legal document very limited […]

Medical Release

The Medical Release is the third document in the trinity of health care documents. The Medical Release is often referred to by our law firm as a HIPAA release. HIPAA stands for Health Information Portability and Accountability Act and this law requires you to sign a separate document so that your Health Care Agent or […]

Health Care Power of Attorney

What if you haven’t named a Health Care Agent? Your immediate family (spouse, parents, children) may not be able to make critical medical decisions on your behalf when you can’t speak for yourself. Family dynamics might play a role in who you want (or don’t want) to speak for you. Some family members are estranged […]

Power of Attorney

More than eighty percent of the population will need a Power of Attorney in their lifetime. But what does it do? How does it work? A Power of Attorney allows you to give another person the legal authority to sign your name. The Power of Attorneys (for Finances) we use most in our practice is […]

Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament is a key Estate Planning document. A Will allows you to control your property at your death. We often refer to it as the “clean up” document because it tells who you want to receive your assets and how you want them to receive it.

Paying for Higher Education

June 6th is Higher Education Day! As a parent and/or grandparent there is great satisfaction in helping your child or grandchild pay for college. How you pay for it is important. What are the options? Let’s review some of them!
529 Plans

A 529 plan is a “qualified tuition plan.” They can be in the name of the student, parent, or grandparent. We have all heard the praises of 529 plans (including that they grow income tax free).

Why Gifting Incorrectly Can Cost You

Seniors often wish to make large gifts to loved ones prior to death. Unfortunately, seniors can lose control by gifting property in advance. With good advice, you can ensure that your property is protected for yourself and future generations while preserving full or partial control. Sometimes, seniors create capital gains taxes for their children by […]