Dos and Don’ts after a Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one passes away, most of us are not sure what to do next. It’s a highly emotional time and we don’t want to do the incorrect thing. Below are some Dos and Don’ts upon losing a loved one. Do: Take care of the funeral arrangements; see if arrangements have already been made, […]

How to Choose a Trustee for your Trust

As we have discussed previously, having a good trust that has been properly funded can make or break your estate plan. However, a trust is only as good as its Trustee. While not everyone is lucky enough to have a lawyer or a financial planner in the family, there are some qualities that you should […]

What Makes a Good Trust?

As we discussed last week, Revocable Living Trusts can be an important component of an estate plan. They can express your wishes for how to handle your assets both during your lifetime and after you have passed, they can be changed as the circumstances of the Grantor’s life change, and they provide flexibility in inheritance […]

What is a Revocable Living Trust and Should You Incorporate One Into Your Estate Plan?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear when it comes to estate planning is “Do I need a Revocable Living Trust?” Trusts are no longer a planning tool reserved solely for the rich and powerful to pass on their wealth—now they can be useful for the middle class and sometimes even for Medicaid […]

Providing for Pets

Most people consider their pets a part of their family. Pets offer companionship, stress relief, love and affection. In exchange, we take care of their needs: feeding, grooming, providing medical care and medications, etc. Providing care for animals can be expensive; it seems that most veterinarians now provide services more akin to pediatric care. Pet […]

Long Term Care Medicaid Myths

We often see clients in our office who have made poor financial decisions because of inaccurate information. The following debunks some of the biggest myths surrounding Long Term Care Medicaid. One of the biggest myths is that you must be poor to qualify for Medicaid. Most people do not realize that Medicaid consists of several […]

Aging Life Care Professionals

What is an “Aging Life Care Professional”? Aging Life Care Professionals, formerly referred to a Geriatric Care Manager, act as guides and advocates for the aged or disabled. They are well versed in the following areas: Health and Disability, Financial, Housing, Families, Local Resources, Advocacy, Legal, and Crisis Intervention. They can assist adult children as […]

FAQ: Stimulus Check

Q. I am on Medicaid, is the Stimulus Check considered income? Should I give it to the facility? A. No, it is not income and should not be paid to the facility as part of your Patient Monthly Liability. Q. Since it is not considered income for Medicaid purposes, is it a resource because it […]

Funding Your Trust

You have taken the time to meet with an Elder Law Attorney, discussed your wishes, and created a Trust. In your Trust, you have carefully outlined how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death. That is only the beginning! Many people fail to fund their trusts. Without proper funding, a trust is […]

Do It Yourself Estate Planning

DIY is everywhere! It is practically a buzzword that has infiltrated our everyday vocabulary. Doing it yourself can be fun and fulfilling, however, not all things should be done on your own. Some things are too important to leave to an unskilled person. Estate Planning is one of those things that should not be attempted […]