Veterans Benefits

Many people do not know that there may be Veterans Benefits available to them.  It is important for Veterans to understand how the VA is subdivided, as the organization provides different services through each of its divisions.  The VA is split up into three divisions, which act like separate agencies: the VHA (Veterans Health Administration) provides health services and formulary drugs to all Veterans, regardless of whether they served during a war period; the VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration) provides the Veterans Pension program for long-term care services and assistance; and the National Cemetery Administration provides memorial and burial benefits.

The Veterans Pension program provides a reimbursement for recurring long-term care expenses that are not paid by your health insurance.  If you were on active duty for 90 consecutive days (through the Vietnam War) and served one day of active duty during a war period with any discharge other that of a dishonorable discharge, then you may qualify for the Pension program.

In addition to these qualifications for the Veterans Pension, the Veteran’s household cannot have more than an allowed amount of assets based on marital status and age.  Also, there is an income test that is rather complex; your household income less your unreimbursed long term care expenses must result in an IVAP less than the Pension benefit—an IVAP of zero gets you the full benefit.

The rules for the Veterans Pension Program can be difficult to understand, and your application may be denied if you fail to seek the help of a VA accredited advisor.  Contact an experienced Elder Law attorney today to see if you qualify for Veterans Benefits.

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