Asset Protection Today Podcast: What You Need to Know About Financial Advisers

Making investments and understanding risk can be overwhelming. This is why many people choose to rely on a financial adviser to help manage their investments. However, it’s important to know that your financial adviser is only as good as the tools that he or she has at their disposal. In this episode Bill explains why […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Dynamics of Having No Family

In our previous episode, we told you how all families should implement an overarching plan to protect their assets. But what should you do if you have no family? You will still need the right kind of legal documents and you will need to make some choices when it comes to trusted individuals. For these […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Family Dynamics Can Make or Break Your Asset Protection Plan

All families should implement an overarching plan to protect their assets. Unfortunately, most families fail to first consult an experienced attorney for good legal advice regarding how their estate plan and legal documents interconnects with their insurance and financial needs. As a result, most families end up with a hodge-podge of assets with various title […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Why Legal Documents Are Essential to Asset Protection

Legal documents, such as wills and powers of attorney, can help you control and protect your property. However, most fail to use their legal documents to their advantage. Many fail to realize that their legal documents don’t work the way that they expect or intend with their overarching estate plan. If done correctly along with […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: What is a Real Estate Exchange?

Real estate can be an excellent investment under the right circumstances. When it comes to owning an investment property, what are your options when you’re interested in moving on? In this episode, Bill explains the concept of the real estate exchange, a method of replacing one investment property with another, without having to foot a […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: The Truth About Annuities

It seems that everyone wants to sell you an annuity for every situation. While annuities sound like safe investment options, they aren’t nearly as good as they sound. Annuities are often complicated legal contracts that consumers do not fully understand. People just don’t know what they’re purchasing. In essence, you are giving up control of […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: The Cost of a Long Term Care Crisis

Families frequently come to our law office seeking help for a long term care crisis.  Long-term care needs cause the loss of independence and the depletion of assets and they know we can help.  In one instance, a couple saved enough cash and retirement assets to support them for their lifetime.  However, one spouse’s chronic […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: An Auto Insurance Horror Story

Basic asset protection planning consists of four main components to make sure you are well protected. The first and most important component is a good liability insurance policy—and that normally means an umbrella policy to give you adequate coverage. You need to take care of this component first, which makes the other components work. Secure […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: DNR

The DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order, otherwise referred to as an AND (Allow Natural Death), only apply to situations where a patient is no longer lucid. Either the patient’s heart has stopped or the patient is no longer to breathe on their own, and the patient has determined ahead of time that they do not […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Living Wills

On this Asset Protection Today podcast we talk about the issues and planning necessary so you can protect your assets — but we turn to a topic that is difficult for many to address: a living will. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is equally important — not so much for asset protection but […]