Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Choose a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy

Long-term care insurance is important for anyone who wants to have their needs satisfied at home or worst case in an assisted living facility, as no one dreams of spending their final years in a nursing home facility. Bill explains what you want to look for in a long-term care insurance policy, and equally important, […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Key Times for Estate Planning

The key to any effective asset protection plan is planning. As we progress through various life phases, our asset protection plan needs to evolve as well. In this episode, Bill details the life milestones that require you to review your estate planning. Check out this episode!

Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Protect Your Rental Property

Everyone wants a plan that is going to work the way that they want. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a plan can fall apart. How you own and manage your rental property makes a huge difference to whether your overarching estate plan will work. It’s important to remember that planning involves more than just […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Preparing for Surprises in Retirement

Sometimes our clients completely overlook one important financial issue when planning for  retirement.  Your health risks and the cost of a long-term care crisis, as well as the importance of maintaining financial liquidity are all factors that you must analyze when planning. The biggest things that most people fail to consider is that their future […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Preparing For The Death Of A Loved One – Part 2

In the second and final episode of our two-part series, Bill discusses in what ways he was prepared for his brother’s death and in what ways he wasn’t. Bill offers some critical tips for organizing your important documents. Check out this episode!

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Preparing For The Death Of A Loved One

In the first episode of a two-part series, Bill discusses what it was like to lose his brother, who dealt with a long life of health struggles. He offers tips to help those who may be going through a similar experience, and provides insight on what to expect during the process of losing a loved […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: What is the PACE Program?

Bill explains what the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program is and how it can benefit seniors who have serious disabling conditions that would normally require nursing care. Who qualifies and what benefits does the program provide? Listen to the episode below for those answers. Check out this episode!

Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Protect Yourself in a Healthcare Crisis

Bill has a loved one dealing with a healthcare crisis. In this episode, he explains the steps to take to ensure your assets are protected when in a healthcare crisis. Check out this episode!

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Everything You Need to Know About Power of Attorney

At W.G. Alexander & Associates, we know that the power of attorney is the most important document that a client can have. In terms of doing estate planning, asset protection planning, and looking into Medicaid and VA benefits (Aid and Attendance) options available to a client, the power of attorney can either help or hinder […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Use Life Insurance as a Savings and Asset Protection Tool

In this episode, Bill explains that life insurance can be both a savings and asset protection tool. He goes over the difference between term life and whole life policies, gives his take on which of the two types of policies he prefers. Check out this episode!