FAQ: Stimulus Check

Q. I am on Medicaid, is the Stimulus Check considered income? Should I give it to the facility? A. No, it is not income and should not be paid to the facility as part of your Patient Monthly Liability. Q. Since it is not considered income for Medicaid purposes, is it a resource because it […]

Funding Your Trust

You have taken the time to meet with an Elder Law Attorney, discussed your wishes, and created a Trust. In your Trust, you have carefully outlined how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death. That is only the beginning! Many people fail to fund their trusts. Without proper funding, a trust is […]

Do It Yourself Estate Planning

DIY is everywhere! It is practically a buzzword that has infiltrated our everyday vocabulary. Doing it yourself can be fun and fulfilling, however, not all things should be done on your own. Some things are too important to leave to an unskilled person. Estate Planning is one of those things that should not be attempted […]

Avoiding Scams

If you use email or telephones you most likely have been the target of scammers. Those who are in their late 70’s or older and/or own real estate are targeted the most. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and believable, so it is important that we protect our Senior loved ones, as well as ourselves. If […]