Social Security COLA Increase and your Long Term Care Medicaid

There is a 1.6% cost of living increase for Social Security recipients starting in 2020. Long Term Care Medicaid recipients will be receiving a notice from their county’s Department of Social Services stating, “You received a Social Security and/or VA Benefits Cost of Living Increase.” It should also state the new Patient Monthly Liability (PML: amount the recipient pays the facility). Most recipients’ PML will increase due to the increase in income.

You can confirm the change of PML is correct by following the steps below.

1) Add the GROSS monthly income (BEFORE any monthly deductions)
2) Subtract $30 for monthly personal expenses (this is money you get to keep)
3) Subtract any monthly health insurance premiums that you are responsible for paying.
4) If you have a Medicare Part D premium, Medicaid will pay up to $30.18 (for the year 2018) and $28.90 (for the year 2019) of the premium. Any monies left over will also be deducted from your patient monthly liability so that you can continue to pay the premium

If there has been a change in the Supplemental Insurance or Medicare Part D premiums, notify your caseworker of the change because that also affects your PML.