In 2005 Congress passed the REAL ID Act to set minimum security standards for state-issued Driver’s License and Identification Cards. The REAL ID law was passed to increase security requirements to visit military bases, nuclear sites, federal facilities, and to fly. You can still drive and vote without the REAL ID, but your access to particular sites and transportation will be limited or eliminated.

Fiduciary Defined

You’ve been appointed as a loved one’s agent and are being told you have a Fiduciary duty to act on their behalf. What does that even mean?! What is an Agent’s (appointed under a Power of Attorney) responsibilities? You have authority to make decisions but what decisions and how? The General Durable Power of Attorney […]

Trust Based Planning

Estate Planning documents (General Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Medical Release, Digital Release, Last Will and Testament) are basic legal documents every adult should maintain. Some families need to go beyond the “basic” estate planning documents. The depth of an Estate Plan varies for each client. Trust planning helps a lot […]

Digital Release

Have you ever used your spouse’s (or other loved one) username and password to log in to Facebook? On-line Banking? On-line Bill Pay? If so, what you’re doing is improper and sometimes illegal. These platforms, as well as Facebook, Apps on your smart phone, your Website, photographs, E-mail and much more are all types of […]