The Sacrifice of Caregiving

It can be difficult to anticipate the need for long-term care and the financial burden that comes along with it. Unfortunately, many families wait too long to plan for this possibility, and financial assistance can be difficult to obtain without the proper documents. This leaves the caregiver, whether it be a spouse or a child, wondering how they will afford long-term care. When the caregiver is a spouse, they may worry if they are doing enough and whether they will run out of money during their lifetime. These concerns can be overwhelming, and caregivers often fail to take proper care of themselves. This sometimes leaves them exhausted, sick, and unable provide the best care.

Once the caregiving stops, it can be difficult to determine what to do next. Many caregivers choose to stay at home. While some do very well alone, for many it leads to loneliness. Though it may be comfortable, staying home too long may lead to depression, diminished health, and may make caregivers susceptible to scams. It is important to know your options as a caregiver to provide the best care for your loved ones, and to know how to care for yourself once the caregiving stops. For these reasons and many more, you need an experienced planning attorney who will advise you regarding all the various options and strategies for your long-term care needs.

Planning early can relieve some of the financial burden and stress that comes with long-term care. It is important to focus some of this planning around the caregiver to provide for their well-being, and their quality of life during the caregiving years and once caregiving stops.

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