Asset Protection Today Podcast: What is the PACE Program?

Bill explains what the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program is and how it can benefit seniors who have serious disabling conditions that would normally require nursing care. Who qualifies and what benefits does the program provide? Listen to the episode below for those answers. Check out this episode!

Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Protect Yourself in a Healthcare Crisis

Bill has a loved one dealing with a healthcare crisis. In this episode, he explains the steps to take to ensure your assets are protected when in a healthcare crisis. Check out this episode!

New Year, New Resolutions: For Your Health, Finances, and Planning

Many of us are still thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, which can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! A good way to narrow down your resolutions is to pick one goal for each important area in your life. For most, this includes our health, finances, and planning for the future. According to Dr. […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Everything You Need to Know About Power of Attorney

At W.G. Alexander & Associates, we know that the power of attorney is the most important document that a client can have. In terms of doing estate planning, asset protection planning, and looking into Medicaid and VA benefits (Aid and Attendance) options available to a client, the power of attorney can either help or hinder […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: How to Use Life Insurance as a Savings and Asset Protection Tool

In this episode, Bill explains that life insurance can be both a savings and asset protection tool. He goes over the difference between term life and whole life policies, gives his take on which of the two types of policies he prefers. Check out this episode!

The Sacrifice of Caregiving

It can be difficult to anticipate the need for long-term care and the financial burden that comes along with it. Unfortunately, many families wait too long to plan for this possibility, and financial assistance can be difficult to obtain without the proper documents. This leaves the caregiver, whether it be a spouse or a child, […]