Asset Protection Today Podcast: DNR

The DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order, otherwise referred to as an AND (Allow Natural Death), only apply to situations where a patient is no longer lucid. Either the patient’s heart has stopped or the patient is no longer to breathe on their own, and the patient has determined ahead of time that they do not […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Living Wills

On this Asset Protection Today podcast we talk about the issues and planning necessary so you can protect your assets — but we turn to a topic that is difficult for many to address: a living will. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is equally important — not so much for asset protection but […]

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Medicare Enrollment

As seniors near age 65, there are often important decisions that they must make about their Medicare election. Unfortunately, most people fail to seek good advice about maximizing their benefits under this program. Medicare is not automatic; you must sign up and make elections inside the system. These elections can be more complicated than you […]