The VA is turning its back on our “Greatest Generation” – again.

While the catastrophes of the VA Healthcare system hit the news, with veterans waiting forever to get the care they need, and the VA Benefits Department hit the news with Service Connected Disability Claims taking forever to be processed, it is our “Greatest Generation” of veterans who are being left behind with the VA silently […]

Supporting our Caregivers

Providing care to your loved one, whether a child, parent, or spouse, can be a labor of love. But caregiving is a much more difficult job than most people realize, as caregivers are often chained to their responsibilities. They often lack the opportunity to go to the grocery store or more importantly, to get away […]

Avoiding Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

Avoid do-it-yourself estate planning. Most people miss out on important tax and money saving strategies when they draft their own documents through software companies like LegalZoom or Quicken Lawyer. Worse, some people try to write their own Will, Deeds, and Powers of Attorney. More often than not, it ends up in a lawsuit, or at […]

The Affordable Care Act and your 2014 Income Tax Return

Many file their taxes annually through the use of programs like TurboTax. However, taxpayers may find their returns complicated by the Affordable Care Act for 2014. This year, every taxpayer must report to the government whether he or she had health insurance. Those who did not have health insurance for 2014 will be penalized. If […]