Small Business Insight with Bill Davis

This past week on our radio program, “Asset Protection Today,” on Talk Radio 850 WPTK (AM) with Attorney Bill Alexander, we were delighted to welcome Bill Davis, the founder of Team Nimbus. Team Nimbus is a small business advisory firm that helps small business owners and sales professionals with growth and client acquisition. Davis facilitates peer advisory groups, where he brings small business owners together to provide one another with experience and support. He also coaches and consults with small business owners to help them achieve sustainable growth.

Most business owners are very intelligent. Unfortunately, the challenges they face often can’t be solved without the benefit of others’ perspectives. When small business owners meet with other business owners, consultants, and coaches, they receive an array of experienced perspectives. They can then apply this knowledge to their own business acumen and experience to break through roadblocks and challenges with greater velocity.

Davis noted the importance of assisting privately owned businesses worth $3-$50 million. These companies provide jobs and support to our community. Davis gives back to these businesses through Small Business Insight of the Triangle, which introduces these businesses to the community and gives them the credit that they deserve. To contact Bill Davis to set up an appointment for your business, call (919) 926-9810. You can also visit, or for more information.

Our law firm, W.G. Alexander & Associates, is not affiliated directly or indirectly with Team Nimbus or Small Business Insight of the Triangle, but we recommend their services to our appropriate clients. If you or your loved ones have questions about asset protection, government contracting, or estate planning for business owners, consider W.G. Alexander & Associates – we are experienced attorneys who offer a unique blend of asset protection, Elder Law and estate planning. You can also attend our free seminars, learn more through our website at, or call us at (919) 256-7000.

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