Gifting Tips for Seniors

Seniors often wish to make large gifts to loved ones prior to death. Unfortunately, seniors can lose control by gifting property in advance. With good advice, you can ensure that your property is protected for yourself and future generations while preserving full or partial control. Everyone can gift $14,000 a year per person without filing […]

Asset Protection Today: The Holiday Edition

Families often notice physical or mental decline in a loved one when they visit for the holidays. This is a perfect time to pay extra attention to seniors to determine what you can do to help your loved ones stay independent. It’s important to monitor whether your loved one is experiencing difficulty with activities of […]

Special Needs Planning

Parents of special needs children face unique planning issues, primarily because they must consider providing care for their children throughout their entire adult lives. Parents do everything to insure that their child lives in a safe environment and can take advantage of every available resource; they face a great challenge in replacing themselves at their […]

Small Business Insight with Bill Davis

This past week on our radio program, “Asset Protection Today,” on Talk Radio 850 WPTK (AM) with Attorney Bill Alexander, we were delighted to welcome Bill Davis, the founder of Team Nimbus. Team Nimbus is a small business advisory firm that helps small business owners and sales professionals with growth and client acquisition. Davis facilitates […]