Wealth Management with Denny Marcin

This past week on our radio program, “Asset Protection Today,” on Talk Radio 850 WPTK (AM) with Attorney Bill Alexander, we were delighted to welcome Denny Marcin, a Financial Advisor with the McCarthy Group of RBC Wealth Management located in Raleigh. Denny and his team help clients grow their wealth and plan for retirement.

Denny’s most important advice is to start saving for retirement as early as possible, as interest, dividends, and other gains compound over time. Investing just $100 per month for retirement will grow your savings considerably each year, especially if you begin when you initially enter the workforce. In other words, money invested early is more powerful than money invested late in life, so start your retirement savings program with your first job. In addition, it’s important to participate in any 401k matching programs that your employer provides, as otherwise you are only leaving money behind. Finally, be sure to monitor your retirement account to insure that your investments are growing over time. Failure to monitor 401k accounts is a common problem. Consult an objective financial advisor for assistance.

This Friday, November 7th, RBC Wealth Management is sponsoring a seminar hosted by W.G. Alexander & Associates from 10-3 at the North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh. RBC has invited Dean Deitz, one of its top wealth managers, to speak at this exciting event. Dean will discuss retirement priorities and funding sensitivity, which is a crucial part of the planning process. To contact the McCarthy Group of RBC Wealth Management for assistance with your financial planning needs, call 1 (866) 255-9966, or visit www.rbcwmfa.com/mccarthywealthgroup/.

Our law firm, W.G. Alexander & Associates, is not affiliated directly or indirectly with RBC Wealth Management, but we enjoy working with them, as well as other sophisticated financial advisors on behalf of our mutual clients. If you or your loved one has questions about government assistance programs such as Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits, or if you have questions about elderlaw issues or estate planning, consider W.G. Alexander & Associates – we offer a unique blend of asset protection, Elder Law and estate planning. You can also attend our free seminars, learn more through our website at www.wgalaw.com, or call us at (919) 256-7000.

Attorney Bill Alexander discusses these issues and more every Tuesday morning on W.G. Alexander & Associates’ radio program, “Asset Protection Today,” on TalkRadio 850 WPTK (AM). Be sure to listen from 9:00-10:00 AM.