Making the Most of your Social Security Retirement Benefits

In order to make the most of your Social Security retirement benefits, it’s important to do research and plan ahead prior to withdrawing. Otherwise, you can leave thousands of dollars on the table over the course of your lifetime. Deciding when to withdraw your benefits involves both math and good judgment. You should base your […]

The Importance of “Admitted” Patient Status for Medicare

Many families don’t know how crucial it is to demand that the hospital “admits” their loved ones (as opposed to keeping them on “observation” status). If you’re not admitted to the hospital for three nights, Medicare will not cover any post-hospital rehabilitation. Your status in the hospital can affect your health insurance coverage, as well. […]

Recent Changes Could Affect your IRA Planning

New changes in the law could affect your IRA planning. The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that IRAs in the hands of your children or grandchildren are no longer protected assets from their creditors. In North Carolina, an IRA is protected from creditors for the owner and his or her spouse. If you have a 401k, it […]