Consulting In-Home Professionals

If you haven’t seen your loved one in some time, you may notice that his or her cognitive and physical capabilities have declined when you next see him or her at family gatherings. If you believe that your loved one may need assistance, be sure to consult a professional, such as a Geriatric Care Manager or a Home Health Care Agency. Often, physicians are unable to make these evaluations, as they don’t spend enough time with their patients in an in-home setting.

Geriatric Care Managers, such as those at Aging Family Services, can come to your loved one’s home and asses whether you need to complete home improvements for your senior’s safety. Likewise, Home Care Agencies, such as Bayada, can assess whether your loved one is in need of assistive care at home with his or her Activities of Daily Living.

Finally, be sure to have open discussions with your loved one about these options. In most instances, loved ones may resist your help (worrying that they are a burden). It’s important to communicate that you aren’t taking away their independence but are instead working together to keep them safely in their home.

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