The Importance of Caregiver Respite

Caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, as it takes its toll on caregivers emotionally, physically, and financially. Often, caregivers are spouses or children who become exhausted over time. Many caregivers fail to take needed respite away from the daily stress of providing care for their loved ones. Without frequent vacations, caregivers begin to feel unwanted resentment toward their loved ones.

Most married couples want to remain with one another at home. When one of the two becomes the full-time caregiver of the other, this creates a strain on the relationship. Often, it is beneficial to both for the caregiver to take a brief respite for a few weeks and do it two or three times each year. You will return refreshed and better able to care for the person that you love. Likewise, it’s important to take time each week to do the things that you enjoy. While many caregivers claim that they can’t afford to take respite away from helping their loved ones, the greater truth is that they can’t afford to miss the opportunity. Family caregivers must take care of themselves first in order to be a good long-term caregiver for a loved one.

If you need assistance caring for a loved one, be sure to contact a caregiver support group, such as ARK Therapeutic Services or the Alzheimer’s Association. Visit for information about caregiving for loved ones with special needs. Visit for information about caregiving for loved ones with dementia.

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