Impending Changes for Special Assistance Benefits

Many seniors don’t know about the North Carolina specific government assistance program known as Special Assistance. This program is available to those who fall below a specific income cap who live in an Assisted Living facility. Sometimes, our clients are confused about the various levels of care. You can receive home care, care in an […]

Consulting In-Home Professionals

If you haven’t seen your loved one in some time, you may notice that his or her cognitive and physical capabilities have declined when you next see him or her at family gatherings. If you believe that your loved one may need assistance, be sure to consult a professional, such as a Geriatric Care Manager or […]

Social Security Benefit Planning

It’s important to understand the quirks of the Social Security system if you are planning to retire soon. If you’re approaching 62 or older and have not started withdrawing your Social Security benefits, go online and establish an account with the Social Security Administration at This website will help you determine where you stand […]

Keeping Up-to-Date Policies on Vacant Homes

When a person dies or moves into a long-term care facility, often the former home becomes unoccupied. This can create a tricky situation if there are no relatives who wish to move into the home or the family wishes to sell it. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may lapse if someone does not move into the […]

Negotiating Probate Fees in Advance

It’s important to negotiate your probate fees with your CPA, Accountant or Attorney for probate and/or trust administration purposes prior to your passing. When someone loses a loved one, most are unable to make critical financial decisions due to grief and stress. Unfortunately, some professionals take advantage of families in these types of situations. Many […]

Using a Properly Structured Entity to Protect your Assets

Many business owners want to protect their personal estate from liability relating to their business. In order to get basic personal asset protection, business owners have several options: they can form a Limited Liability Company, a C-Corporation, or elect to act as a sub-chapter S-Corporation. A sub-chapter S-Corporation will allow you to treat your small […]

Planning for Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples of all ages are living together more and more frequently. Many seniors live together and remain unmarried, often after the death of a previous spouse. Seniors may not be comfortable marrying their new partner for a variety of reasons. However, they may also not know of the legal implications of remaining unmarried. Trust-based […]

Increasing your Income Tax Benefits

Today, income tax planning is more important than ever before. Ten to fifteen years ago, the estate tax exemption was far less, and many middle class families faced the prospect of paying high estate taxes at death. With the help of an estate-planning attorney, they implemented credit shelter trusts to maximize their estate tax savings. […]

Property Ownership and Comprehensive Planning

Everyone wants a plan that is going to work the way that they want. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a plan can fall apart. How you own your property makes a huge difference to whether your overarching estate plan will work. For example, a simple mistake can completely eradicate your well-drafted trust. Most seniors […]

The Importance of Caregiver Respite

Caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, as it takes its toll on caregivers emotionally, physically, and financially. Often, caregivers are spouses or children who become exhausted over time. Many caregivers fail to take needed respite away from the daily stress of providing care for their loved ones. Without frequent vacations, […]