Leaving a Meaningful Legacy

Robin Williams recently passed away, leaving behind an important legacy through his movies and comedic performances. Because Williams was famous, his legacy is recorded and will touch the lives of generations to come. However, we all have our own legacies that we can pass on to those who come after us, but we may need […]

Asset Protection for You & Your Family

All families should implement an overarching plan to protect their assets. Unfortunately, most families fail to first consult an experienced attorney for good legal advice regarding how their estate plan and legal documents interconnects with their insurance and financial needs. As a result, most families end up with a hodge-podge of assets with various title […]

Newsworthy Celebrity Planning

Occasionally, we will see unique stories of celebrities and how planning, or lack of it, makes a big difference. These stories in the press act as examples of either good or bad real world planning. By putting a proper plan in place, you can achieve your goals and leave what you want, to whom you […]

Supporting our Veterans

The Veterans Administration has received lots of negative attention in the press over the past several months. First, the public became aware that VA hospitals were filing false paperwork regarding the scheduling of medical appointments that made it appear to officials in Washington that they were meeting specific deadlines and timely seeing patients when in […]