Investing in Long-Term Care Insurance

Many people don’t realize that purchasing long-term care insurance is one of the best investments to protect themselves for the future, as the likelihood of facing a long-term care crisis is high, and most families cannot afford to self-insure. Unfortunately, long-term care insurance often isn’t on people’s radar until a long-term care crisis happens to […]

Staying Independent this Fourth of July and Beyond

Many families are returning from the Fourth of July holiday after visiting with loved ones they may have not seen in some time. Holidays, such as the Fourth of July, are an important time for loved ones to get together and sometimes assess the best way to help aging family members stay independent. In the […]

Planning for the Inevitable

Death is not a fun topic to discuss, but it’s a sure thing for us mortals. Ben Franklin quipped that “the only thing sure in life is death and taxes,” and we talk about taxes all the time. The problem is that most people avoid talking about death-related issues, despite the fact that death is […]