Planning for Unmarried Couples & Remarriage Issues

There are many reasons why people remain unmarried today, whether because of children from a prior marriages, high income taxes, or outstanding debt. Regardless of the reason, it is important that unmarried couples plan ahead. Many seniors, whether widowed or divorced, are unsure about marrying again. Our clients often have concerns about protecting their children […]

Planning that Works

At W.G. Alexander & Associates, we pride ourselves on planning that works—that is, plans that result in your loved ones receiving your property the way you want and when you want with the least tax liability and the lowest administrative fees. However, good planning is more than just having the right documents in place. Sometimes […]

Choosing the Right Agent

We frequently advise clients that having the right documents in place, such as general durable powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney, helps to protect your assets in the event that you cannot make decisions on your own. However, how well your documents work will depend entirely on how well you have selected […]

Using Legal Documents to your Advantage

Legal documents, such as wills and powers of attorney, can help you control and protect your property. However, most fail to use their legal documents to their advantage. Many fail to realize that their legal documents don’t work the way that they expect or intend with their overarching estate plan. If done correctly along with […]