The Real VA Scandal

Recently there has been sensational news about staff at many VA Hospitals mis-scheduling medical appointments and filing false paperwork that made it appear to supervisors in Washington that they were meeting specified timelines—and some veterans may have died because they did not get timely treatment by the VA. Shame on those who filed false papers […]

Investing and Protecting your Assets

Our senior clients’ greatest concerns are that 1) they will run out of money during their retirement and 2) they are unprepared for a long term care crisis. Two things that most seniors should do to plan ahead are avoiding annuities and manage your qualified retirement accounts rather than just taking required distributions. At retirement, […]

The Veterans Pension Program

It is important to know when you are eligible for government assistance, as well as what resources are available. The Veterans Pension Program is one of the most important government assistance programs, as it reimburses long term care expenses for Veterans at all care levels (in-home, assisted living, and nursing facility). If you were on […]

Aging with Alzheimer’s Disease

Twenty percent of seniors between the ages of 70-80 develop Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. While everyone becomes more forgetful as a natural part of aging, Alzheimer’s is a more progressive loss of short-term memory. Both victims and their caregivers face issues related to Alzheimer’s disease. Throughout the progression of the disease, […]

Titling your Property for Maximum Asset Protection

Titling and owning your property correctly will provide maximum asset protection for you and your family. Lack of an overarching estate plan may leave you vulnerable to predators and creditors. Title your car, house, bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance and trust assets properly for the greatest protection. North Carolina has unique requirements […]

Tax and Estate Planning for 2014

Now that April 15th has passed (and you have hopefully filed your taxes or an extension), there are several important things that you should know for better estate and tax planning for the upcoming year. Knowing when to make proper gifts, as well as reviewing and updating old documents will better prepare you for 2014. […]