The Drop Dead Book with Melanie Mattingly

This past week on our radio program, “Asset Protection Today,” on Talk Radio 850 WPTK (AM) with Attorney Bill Alexander, we were delighted to welcome Melanie Mattingly, the author of The Drop Dead Book; this tool allows you to organize your important documents in one easy-to-access place.  Melanie is the managing partner of Preferred Living Solutions in Wake Forest, which helps seniors and people with disabilities manage their care by providing support through respite, assistance with paying bills, help with insurance claims, and more.  It is not a Home Health Agency but instead works with those agencies and much more; it is a care management company.

The Drop Dead Book provides families with a means to organize important papers (such as emergency contacts, usernames/passwords, and legal documents) to make things simpler for families in times of crisis.  You can work on the book in sections by placing important documents in the pockets provided. The entire project takes about eight hours to complete if you work at it consistently. However, The Drop Dead Book can be completed in baby steps. A lot of people purchase the book because they have experienced a major life change. They begin working in whichever section created the life change and gradually do more as time allows.

While The Drop Dead Book is a great way for families of all ages to become organized, it is especially important for seniors.  Gathering this information in an easy-to-access place becomes more important as you age, when the likelihood of catastrophe becomes higher.  Having your affairs in order will prevent your family from having to hunt for your documents and personal information.  This is especially true if you no longer receive paper statements from your bank. It’s important for seniors to stay organized, as family members may need to find certain documents to apply for government benefits on their behalf (such as a Veterans DD Form 214).

Finally, The Drop Dead Book is particularly helpful organizational tool for when you need to have your documents or beneficiary designations reviewed or changed by an experienced Elder Law attorney.  Seniors need documents that are very different from those who are much younger. Most people only have their documents reviewed every 20 years. Remember to have your documents reviewed if you have a change of circumstances in your family, have recently gone through a divorce, have a significant change in your finances, or have become disabled.

If you would like to purchase The Drop Dead Book, visit You can also email Melanie at or call her at (919) 554-0675 to request your copy.  W.G. Alexander & Associates does not sell and does not profit from the sale of The Drop Dead Book.   W.G. Alexander & Associates is not affiliated directly or indirectly with Preferred Living Solutions, but it is a care management company that our firm recommends to clients. We also believe the book is a very helpful tool for our clients.  If you or your loved needs your documents reviewed or updated, or if you have questions about government assistance programs like Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits, consider W.G. Alexander & Associates – we offer a unique blend of asset protection, Elder Law and estate planning.  You can also attend our free seminars and learn more through our website at or call us at (919) 256-7000.

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