Don’t Leave a Mess for Others to Clean Up

If something happened to you tomorrow, would your loved ones be able to take care of business or easily wrap up your affairs? There are many steps that you can take now to make the process go smoothly for your family when the time comes, such as ensuring that you have good legal documents, creating […]

Care Contracts: Helping You Care for Your Loved One

Many seniors rely on the assistance of family caregivers to help them with activities of daily living, as well as manage their care. Caregivers devote long hours to assisting their loved ones, often sacrificing their own employment. This can decrease the caregiver’s income, jeopardize his or her retirement savings, as well as negatively affect his […]

Making Difficult Decisions Together

One of the hardest decisions a family must make is whether a senior can continue to live safely at home. Rather than deciding for the senior when it is time for them to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility, be sure to include your loved one in the decision-making process. Consider all […]

Helping Younger Generations Plan for Retirement

Many of our children and grandchildren are facing challenges today that put their future in jeopardy. They face many more difficulties at ages 20 and 30 than older generations starting out. Young people are presented with unique job related situations that we did not encounter.   If we worked hard, obtained a good education, and pursued […]