Simple Home Modifications for Seniors

We were delighted to welcome a guest this morning, Tonya McCoy, on our radio program, “Asset Protection Today” on TalkRadio 850 WPTF (AM), with Attorney Tovah Mitchell. Tonya McCoy guest-writes for our blog this week.

Tonya McCoy

If you are one of the many seniors who choose to age in place, there are some cost-effective ways to remain safer in your home.

Kitchen Modifications:

  • Choosing appliances that are more accessible, to include purchasing a stove range with front mounted controls, versus a range with the controls in the rear
  • Replacing the refrigerator with one that is more accessible, such as a side-by-side style, or one with the freezer located on the bottom half of the refrigerator
  • Changing the faucet from the turning knob style to the lever style
  • Replacing existing cabinet knobs with handles, which are easier to maneuver

Bathroom Modifications:

  • Installing a hand-held shower head to allow for easier usage, if a shower will be taken in the sitting position
  • Changing the faucet from the turning knob style to the lever style
  • Switching the towel racks to a lower, more easily accessible position
  • Making sure doors can be unlocked from the outside, if needed

Miscellaneous Modifications:

  • Changing the temperature on the hot water heater to prevent burns
  • Installing an automatic garage door opener
  • Making sure that landline home phones are located in easily accessible locations
  • Removing scattered rugs and doormats, lessening the likelihood of falls
  • Installing smoke detectors throughout the entire house, as well as making sure that they work
  • Using night lights throughout the house

If you would like additional information, or a free in-home assessment, please do not hesitate to contact Tonya McCoy, Z.Lollis Real Estate Development, Planning & Consulting Company, Senior Living Sustainability Solutions, Raleigh, NC at 919-744-8810, or at You can also visit the Z.Lollis website at