“A Slice of Life” – March 2013 Meeting

Tovah Mitchell will be at the March 2013 meeting of “A Slice of Life: Coping When a Healthcare Crisis Becomes Your Family Reality.” The moderator for this session will be Becky Sansbury. The topic of this meeting is “What can Patients and Family Members expect from a Care Coordinator? Pulling Together the Many Pieces of Caregiving.”

The meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7th, 2013, from 7:45 AM to 9:00 AM at the Cardinal Club in Downtown Raleigh. The ticket charge is $5 for Members (non-breakfast club) and $9.95 for Non-Members.

To register, contact Virginia Clay at 919-691-3594 or virginia.clay@lcgproject.com.

The Living and Care Giving Project is the sponsor for this event, and their website can be reached by clicking here. For more information on this event, please see the group’s invitation by clicking here.

About the Event

“Whether we like it or not, healthcare challenges will touch all of our lives. Meeting needs, managing time, and uncovering resources create new demands for patients and caregivers. Please join this discussion to give and receive information and insights focused on increasing confidence in the face of uncertainty.

This group provides resources and dialogue focused on the “slice of life” when health and medical issues cause our lives to change. The monthly meeting will feature the insights of both a guest resource person and the attendees, since all of us have some of the answers and none of us has all of them.”

This program is for educational purposes. The information provided or gained is not intended to be used as individualized advice and is not a substitute for that advice. Attendees should seek advice based on the attendee’s individual circumstances from independent tax, legal, accounting, financial, medical and other such advisors.

Please note this is not a leads or networking forum. This is a resource forum for people needing or wanting more information and resources about the many interrelated facets of healthcare and caregiving.