Raleigh leads the US in Senior Relocation

Raleigh is a wonderful place to live.  Cultural events, sports, colleges, fantastic medical care and proximity to vacation “hot spots”.  Think about a few hour drive to the shore or the mountains of Western NC, take a cruise out of Charleston, SC or a trip to DC. 
If you are moving to the Raleigh area or you are just arrived, don’t forget to get your legal matters in order!
We suggest at every life event………… a move, birth of grandchildren, retirement or the passing of a loved one, have your core legal documents reviewed.  Let us look over your wills, power of attorneys, advanced directives and your HIPAA release forms to make sure they are up to date and state specific.

Here is a breakdown of the metros where the percent of seniors grew the most:

(2000 to 2010)

Rank Metro Area Percent Growth
1. Raleigh 60 percent
2. Austin 53 percent
3. Las Vegas 50 percent
4. Houston 39 percent
5. Dallas 38 percent
6. Charlotte 36 percent
7. Phoenix 33 percent
8. Denver 32 percent
9. Orlando 29 percent
10. Riverside 28 percent