Adult Care Homes 2 to 6 residents. Are they for you?

A family care home cares for two to six unrelated residents in a family like setting.  These homes are often located in residential communities and are staffed by round-the-clock professionals who prepare meals, dispense medication, and provide help with activities of daily living.  (Assisted Living Facilities are licenced for 7 or more and can care for many residents). Because of its very low patient-to-staff ratio, a family care home can provide the utmost in personal, health and medical services to every community member no matter how frail. In addition, each family care facilities have all the comforts of home,  with fully equipped kitchen, dining  living room, where staff and elders prepare and eat meals together. Residents particularly appreciate the fact that each day is unstructured and informal, much like a day when they were in their own homes. The outcome is a, truly rewarding and satisfying day-to-day existence for elders and staff alike. 

If you are looking in Wake County, N.C.,  the Wake County Human Services (Senior and Adult Services) provides a listing of these facilities and reports provided by the Counties Adult Home Care Community Advisory Committee.  The link is:

Rick Messemer, Community Outreach and Education,