Veterans Benefits


There is a special program for war period veterans or their spouses & widows called the Improved Pension Benefit that pays a reimbursement for long term care expenses. With proper planning, the war period veteran, spouse, or the veteran’s widow can qualify for pension moneys & other assistance, while preserving family assets. This pension will help the family pay for long-term health care needs & avoid the depletion of the claimant’s assets.

Qualification is subject to income & net worth limits. Importantly, the Improved Pension Benefit can be used for home care, assisted living, or nursing care. Professional assistance can be very helpful in meeting the qualification rules. There are two tests for qualification. The first test is based on facts that cannot be changed (time in service, type of discharge, etc.). However, the second level allows for the claimant to make changes in order to meet the requirements. Those changes may include the use of trusts, care contracts, & changing account ownership, as well as other strategies to become eligible.

It is critical to understand that VA planning can significantly affect your eligibility for Medicaid for nursing home care & other financial assistance programs & should not be attempted without a complete understanding of your options and opportunities. Contact an experienced elder law attorney today to help you determine whether you are a candidate for veterans benefits. Don’t make a mistake by waiting too long to see a professional VA accredited advisor, as getting help with your application now can save you time & money. Contact W.G. Alexander & Associates today for assistance.