Alzheimer’s & Dementia Planning


As cognitive capabilities of a loved one begin to decline, families must deal with serious questions concerning finding consistent and safe care, as well as overwhelming costs. How long can our loved ones safely stay independent? How long can they stay at home alone?

Families are not prepared for these challenges. Often, the worst mistake can be ignoring the problem. Since these issues are far more complex than you realize, & there are usually options available that are unknown to you, it is critical that you seek professional guidance.

Importantly, you need to see an experienced elder law attorney as soon as possible. In terms of the financial crisis for a spouse or family created by Alzheimer’s or Dementia, this disease is can be devastating. The right attorney can help you through this financial crisis by helping you apply for & receive government assistance, avoid spousal impoverishment, & protect your assets. Contact W.G. Alexander & Associates today to learn more.