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16 Jan

New Year, New Resolutions: For Your Health, Finances, and Planning

Many of us are still thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, which can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! A good way to narrow down your resolutions is to pick one goal for each important area in your life. For most, this includes our health, finances, and planning for the future. According to Dr.

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03 Jan

The Sacrifice of Caregiving

It can be difficult to anticipate the need for long-term care and the financial burden that comes along with it. Unfortunately, many families wait too long to plan for this possibility, and financial assistance can be difficult to obtain without the proper documents. This leaves the caregiver, whether it be a spouse or a child,

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11 Dec

Asset Protection Today Podcast: Dynamics of Having No Family

In our previous episode, we told you how all families should implement an overarching plan to protect their assets. But what should you do if you have no family? You will still need the right kind of legal documents and you will need to make some choices when it comes to trusted individuals. For these

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15 Nov

Asset Protection Today Podcast: What is a Real Estate Exchange?

Real estate can be an excellent investment under the right circumstances. When it comes to owning an investment property, what are your options when you’re interested in moving on? In this episode, Bill explains the concept of the real estate exchange, a method of replacing one investment property with another, without having to foot a

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