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11 Apr

Asset Protection Today: Real Estate March 24, 2018

Asset Protection Today: Real Estate March 24, 2018 Real estate can be an excellent investment under the right circumstances. This includes both your primary residence as well as investment property. There are several factors to be considered when thinking about purchasing real estate. Everyone knows the adage “Buy low, sell high.” That is excellent advice

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10 Apr

Asset Protection Today: Back to Basics March 31, 2018

Basic asset protection planning consists of four main components to make sure you are well protected. The first and most important component is a good liability insurance policy—and that normally means an umbrella policy to give you adequate coverage. You need to take care of this component first, which makes the other components work. Secure

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12 May

May Day for War Period Veterans: What We Don’t Know

The first day in May is important for several celebratory reasons. Among the many celebrations is Law Day: a celebration of the rule of law and its contributions to the freedom we enjoy as Americans. Part of an attorney’s role is knowing the rules and how to use them to help clients. And it’s all

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03 Aug

Are My Out-of-State Estate Planning Documents Valid?

Moving to the great state of North Carolina?  Do you already have estate planning documents in place? Will your estate planning documents be applicable in the new state? The great legal answer is, it depends. The bottom line is that anyone who moves to another state should have their documents reviewed. Under the U. S.

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01 Jul

A Pension that Isn’t Really a Pension

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a monster of bureaucracy, making it difficult for Veterans to receive any kind of assistance. The VA requires an application in order to get anything—you must fill out lengthy forms to apply for disability, for pension and the like—and the first answer is always “no.” Receiving a

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29 Jun

How Remarriage Effects Your Social Security Benefit

The rules for claiming Social Security are important when it comes to remarriage. But most people don’t know what options are available to them. The determining factor in terms of remarriage and Social Security benefits has to do with at what age you remarry. Couples marrying for a second (or subsequent) time before age sixty

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22 Jun

Educational Funding in Your Retirement Plan

For many families, contributing to a child’s education is equally as important as saving for retirement. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know, even tricky, which vehicle will help you the most. Generally, the best way to save is to contribute at least $200 to $300 each month to the investment vehicle you want to use

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10 Jun

PODs and TODs: To Sign or Not to Sign?

Pay on death (PODs) and transfers on death (TODs) can be helpful to a lot of families if used consistently with their estate plan. A POD is a beneficiary designation used by bankers for your bank accounts. It is a contract provision telling the bank to pay the amount in your account to someone (the

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01 Jun

The Cost of Not Preparing for Long-Term Care

Families frequently come to our law office seeking help for a long-term care crisis.  Long-term care needs cause the loss of independence and the depletion of assets and they know we can help.  In one instance, a couple saved enough cash and retirement assets to support them for their lifetime.  However, one spouse’s chronic illness

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25 May

NC House Bill 2 Discriminates Against Older Workers

Senior citizens face unique issues everyday; one devastating issue is age discrimination in the workplace. Age discrimination is the unfair treatment of an individual due to their age. It can happen in employment, housing, and many other ways.  This under-acknowledged form of discrimination happens frequently. Older workers are more experienced and generally perform their jobs

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