Monthly Archives: August 2013

29 Aug

“Too Good to be True”

People of all ages run the risk of being taken advantage of by those that they should be able to trust; today, many professions that historically offered solely one service to consumers now mix the types of services that they provide to their customers.  For example, bankers used to be bankers, insurance brokers used to

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22 Aug

Maintaining Control

Control over your life is essential to being who you are; making choices for yourself defines who you are.   While we may devote ourselves to God or our family, the power of that devotion is determined by our everyday choices.  No one willingly gives up control over their own lives.  Seniors, as they grow older,

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15 Aug

The Importance of Good Legal Documents

Few people plan for their later years, as most are inherently optimistic about the future.  As a result, few people put appropriate legal documents in place and create a plan for their family, which can save money and prevent heartache for loved ones down the road.   Even those who do have legal documents in place

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09 Aug

Veterans Benefits

Many people do not know that there may be Veterans Benefits available to them.  It is important for Veterans to understand how the VA is subdivided, as the organization provides different services through each of its divisions.  The VA is split up into three divisions, which act like separate agencies: the VHA (Veterans Health Administration)

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01 Aug

The Affordable Care Act

Whether you agree or disagree with the Affordable Care Act, the law is currently in place and will affect many in 2014.  The key provision of the Act requires every person to be insured no later than March 31, 2014.  If you remain uninsured after that point, you will be taxed 1% of your Adjusted

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